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Auto Mechanic Schools in South Dakota

With slim pickings for schools in South Dakota, it is clear that the few that offer auto mechanic degrees offer them in wide variety. Most of the schools in South Dakota offer many different degrees from basic Automotive Technology to Case or Caterpillar technician training. As South Dakota is a state known for having a large population of farmers, getting a certificate in diesel technology would be a great idea and there are many schools that can help you on your way to getting your career started.

Schools in South Dakota

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Projected Job Growth

Working as an Auto Mechanic in South Dakota

If you get your degree in South Dakota, many of the schools will help you connect to an established auto shop which will help you on your way even quicker. If not, South Dakota’s job growth is projected to be about the same as the national average so it will be a competitive space. Neighboring states such as North Dakota and Wyoming could be better options, if you are having trouble getting your grip in South Dakota.

Job TypeTotal in South Dakota
Average Hourly WageAverage Annual Salary
Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics1,920$19.03$39,580
Automotive Body and Related Repairers530$19.44$40,440
Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists900$20.80$43,270

Directory of South Dakota Schools

Featured Trade Schools in South Dakota

Southeast Tech logo

Southeast Technical Institute
Automotive Technology
Collision Repair & Refinish Technology
Diesel Technology
and more…

Western Dakota Tech

Western Dakota Tech
Automotive Technology
Diesel Technology
and more…

Lake Area Technical Institute

Lake Area Technical Institute
Automotive Technology – Gas or Light Duty Diesel
CNH Technician
Diesel Truck & Industrial Technology
Caterpillar Diesel Technician
and more…

Lake Area Technical Institute

Mitchell Technical Institute
Power Sports & Marine Technology
Diesel Power Technology
Precision Ag Technology
and more…

All Technical Schools in South Dakota

SchoolAddressProgramsMore Details
Mitchell Career & Technical Education Academy
821 N. Capital St.
Mitchell, SD 57301
Automotive TechnologyView School

Available Grants & Scholarships

Nationwide Scholarships and Grants

Automotive Scholarships and GrantsLocationDescriptionDeadline
Future Mechanic GrantNationwideUp to $1,000 for aspiring auto mechanics12/1/2019
Andrew Piech Memorial ScholarshipNationwideUp to $2,200 for graduates of New Mexico high school6/6/2019
Mike Rowe Work Ethic ScholarshipNationwideFull-Tuition paid for eligible students2019 closed
Federal Pell GrantsNationwideUp to $6,195, for low-income householdsVaries
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)NationwideVarious, for low-income householdsVaries
Automotive Aftermarket ScholarshipNationwideVarious, one application for many scholarships2019 closed
Berto Diaz Engineering ScholarshipNationwideUp to $1,000 for Mechanical Engineering Students2019 closed
BMW/SAE Engineering ScholarshipNationwideUp to $6,000 paid annually in $1,500 increments2019 closed
Brent Strohmeyer Memorial Foundation ScholarshipNationwideUp to $400 for eligible students4/15/2020
GMiS Scholars ProgramNationwideVarious, for underrepresented students in tech2019 closed
SMA Native American STEM ScholarshipNationwideUp to $1,500, for Native American STEM students6/19/2019
Two Ten Higher Education ScholarshipsNationwideUp to $4,000 for students with 2 years of personal or parents experience in footwear industry2019 closed
Viceroy Auto Trans ScholarshipNationwideUp to $1,000 for eligible students2019 closed
Automotive Hall of Fame Educational FundNationwideUp to $2,000 for eligible students6/30/2019
Clunker Junker Cash for Cars and College ScholarshipNationwideUp to $1,000 for eligible female studentsVaries
SEMA Memorial Scholarship FundNationwideUp to $5,000 for eligible students3/1/2020
Edward D. Hendrickson/SAE Engineering ScholarshipNationwideUp to $4,000 for eligible students distributed in $1,000 increments for four years12/15/2019
TMC/SAE Donald D. Dawson Technical ScholarshipNationwideUp to $6,000 for eligible students distributed in $1,500 increments for four years12/15/2019
Fred M. Young Sr./SAE Engineering ScholarshipNationwideUp to $4,000 for eligible students distributed in $1,000 increments for four years12/15/2019
Tau Beta Pi/SAE Engineering ScholarshipNationwideUp to $1,000 for eligible students12/15/2019
Yanmar/SAE ScholarshipNationwideUp to $1,000 for eligible students4/1/2020
Horatio Alger Association CTE ScholarshipsNationwideUp to $2,500 for eligible students6/15 each year
AmericanMuscle Automotive ScholarshipNationwideUp to $2,000 for eligible students6/15 & 10/15 each year