About Trade School Future

Take a look at what's under our hood.

Who We Are

Trade School Future was founded with the purpose of connecting ambitious people with the education and careers that they are striving for. We believe in the power of craftsmanship, service knowledge, and we want to empower the next generation of mechanics and technicians to pursue a career that lets them showcase those gifts. Dozens of industries are in need of a skilled trade workforce including government, marine, automotive, freight, and more. We want to help remove any barriers that might stand in the way of talented people joining and leading these industries.

What exactly do we do?

There are a few key ways that we deliver on our mission at Trade School Future.

Resources and Information

We want to make sure that the process of becoming a mechanic or technician, regardless of industry, is as seamless as possible. We provide guides, resources and facts on both getting an education from a trade school or career college, and pursuing a career after that education is complete. This includes everything from directories of schools to information about the application process to pursuing a specific specialization within an industry.

Grants and Scholarships

One of the most common barriers for prospective students to get their education is funding. We partner with a network of dealerships, auto manufacturers, and organizations to make grant funding available to students, regardless of the degree or college that they choose.


The final service that we provide is connecting prospective students with the right educational institutions or employers to help move their career forward. We’ve built a network of trade schools and organizations that can both educate and employ our nation’s future workforce, and we help to connect students with the appropriate contacts at those organizations to help them take their next steps.

Contact Us

If you have questions, partnership inquiries, or general comments for our team at Trade School Future, there are a few ways that you can Contact Us. Submitting the Contact Us form is the quickest way to get in touch.


If there is anything that we can do to help you personally, or help move our industry forward, please reach out and let us know. That’s what we are here for.