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Within the Maine auto mechanic schooling experience, students can expect multiple types of learning styles to be used throughout their experience. For example, many classes will start each day or week with classroom lecture then take what is learned into hands-on activities while some will spend first half of the semester doing classroom lecture then finish the rest with all hands-on activities. This is to ensure that everyone can take what they have learned from a book and apply to real-life situations and procedures. Muscle memory is a very important thing, especially when it comes to technical tasks such as this so the more hands-on learning the better.

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Working as an Auto Mechanic in Maine

Living in Maine can provide a variety of different salaries for an auto mechanic just depending on where you live. The most northern and eastern parts of the state provide the lowest average salaries, well below the national average. On contrast, the more southern and western you get, the higher the average salary is which means there is more room for pay increase if you continue your education and obtain more degrees and certificates. Lastly, if Maine is where you get your degree but you are eager to leave, many of the nearby states offer great compensation and opportunity for auto mechanics so make sure to check them out.

Job TypeTotal in MaineAverage Hourly WageAverage Annual Salary
Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics3,990$18.10$37,640
Automotive Body and Related Repairers770$19.88$41,340
Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists1,180$21.10$43,880

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Featured Trade Schools in Maine

Washington County Community College Logo

Washington County Community College
Automotive Technology
Engine Specialist
Heavy Equipment Maintenance
Powersport/Small Engine Technician
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All Mechanic Schools in Maine

SchoolAddressProgramsMore Details
Central Maine Community College
1250 Turner Street
Auburn, ME 2184
Automotive Technology
Ford Technician Program

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Eastern Maine Community College
354 Hogan Rd
Bangor, ME 2305
Automotive Mechanics Technology
Diesel, Truck & Heavy Equipment

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Northern Maine Community College
33 Edgemont Dr
Presque Isle, ME 4769
Automotive Collision Repair
Automotive Technology
Diesel Hydraulics Technology

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Southern Maine Community College
2 Fort Road
South Portland, ME 2118
Automotive Mechanics Technology
Automotive Chassis System
Automotive Powertrain Systems

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Available Grants & Scholarships

Nationwide Scholarships and Grants

Automotive Scholarships and GrantsLocationDescriptionDeadline
Future Mechanic GrantNationwideUp to $1,000 for aspiring auto mechanics12/1/2019
Andrew Piech Memorial ScholarshipNationwideUp to $2,200 for graduates of New Mexico high schoolJune each year
Mike Rowe Work Ethic ScholarshipNationwideFull-Tuition paid for eligible studentsMarch each year
Federal Pell GrantsNationwideUp to $6,195, for low-income householdsVaries
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)NationwideVarious, for low-income householdsVaries
Automotive Aftermarket ScholarshipNationwideVarious, one application for many scholarshipsMarch each year
Berto Diaz Engineering ScholarshipNationwideUp to $1,000 for Mechanical Engineering StudentsJanuary each year
BMW/SAE Engineering ScholarshipNationwideUp to $6,000 paid annually in $1,500 incrementsMarch each year
Brent Strohmeyer Memorial Foundation ScholarshipNationwideUp to $400 for eligible studentsApril each year
GMiS Scholars ProgramNationwideVarious, for underrepresented students in techApril each year
SMA Native American STEM ScholarshipNationwideUp to $1,500, for Native American STEM studentsJune each year
Viceroy Auto Trans ScholarshipNationwideUp to $1,000 for eligible studentsMarch each year
Automotive Hall of Fame Educational FundNationwideUp to $2,000 for eligible studentsJune each year
Clunker Junker Cash for Cars and College ScholarshipNationwideUp to $1,000 for eligible female studentsVaries
SEMA Memorial Scholarship FundNationwideUp to $5,000 for eligible studentsMarch each year
Edward D. Hendrickson/SAE Engineering ScholarshipNationwideUp to $4,000 for eligible students distributed in $1,000 increments for four yearsMarch each year
TMC/SAE Donald D. Dawson Technical ScholarshipNationwideUp to $6,000 for eligible students distributed in $1,500 increments for four yearsMarch each year
Fred M. Young Sr./SAE Engineering ScholarshipNationwideUp to $4,000 for eligible students distributed in $1,000 increments for four yearsMarch each year
Tau Beta Pi/SAE Engineering ScholarshipNationwideUp to $1,000 for eligible studentsMarch each year
Yanmar/SAE ScholarshipNationwideUp to $1,000 for eligible studentsMarch each year
Horatio Alger Association CTE ScholarshipsNationwideUp to $2,500 for eligible studentsJune each year
AmericanMuscle Automotive ScholarshipNationwideUp to $2,000 for eligible studentsJune & October each year