Best Automotive Schools in the Northeast

Home of the great New York City, the Northeast is a hotbed for cars. Mechanics need training so here are the best automotive schools in the Northeast.

Best Automotive Schools by Region: Northeast

The final week of the Best Automotive Schools by Region is here and we are ending with a big one! Moving to the Northeast, home of the likes of New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston. Because of the high density of vehicles in these major cities, the Northeast region needs some great schools to train its future generation of auto mechanics. In order to shed light on some schools doing things right, we have discovered the best automotive schools in the Northeast! Before we begin, take a look at the states in consideration, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Schools in the Northeast vary in size, specializations, cost, and many more. The five best automotive schools in the Northeast range from 400 students to almost 4,000 students. Along with that, the average cost for attending these schools ranges from $5,700 to $19,600. As you can tell, although these schools are all in the same region, they have quite a few differences you should be aware of when choosing the perfect school for you! So, here are the five best automotive schools in the Northeast.

Criteria for the Best Automotive Schools

To determine which schools were in fact the best automotive schools in the Northeast, we had to come up with a few parameters. To start, we looked at graduation rate. We decided that this was an important first step as it gives a glimpse into the student body’s view of the school. If students enjoy the school, they should have a higher graduation rate. With smaller community colleges, this isn’t as important because one of their main goals is to get students to transfer to larger universities. Next, we examined the median salary of former students 10 years after they attended the school. Third, we found the average annual cost to attend each school before finally ending with the average debt a student graduates with.
Although these aren’t all the factors that go into making a college great, they can help us get a glimpse into the caliber of certain schools. Before we made our final picks, we then went through and made sure that each school was a certified program by the ASE Education Foundation. Although we cannot guarantee your financial situation will match any of the numbers we have presented, we can guarantee that each of the 5 best automotive schools in the Northeast offer something great. In order to find all of this information, we utilized the amazing tools from College Scorecard.
  1. Graduation Rate
  2. Salary After Graduation
  3. Annual Cost
  4. Debt Upon Graduation

Best Automotive Schools in the Northeast

  • Willow Street, PA
  • Graduation Rate: 74%
  • Salary After Attending: $39,700
  • Annual Cost: $10,695
  • Debt upon Graduation: $13,123
Lancaster County Career & Technology Center is not your typical community college. This is the result of a few things. First of all, the school provides exceptional training for its students. Along with that, the students are very diverse in age. LCCTC does not target only graduating high school students like most community colleges. Instead, they target their community making it the best automotive school in the Northeast.
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Graduation Rate: 76%
  • Salary After Attending: $35,500
  • Annual Cost: $15,270
  • Debt upon Graduation: $12,000
Founded in 1949, Rosedale Tech knows what they are doing when it comes to training auto mechanics. In the automotive program at the second best automotive school in the Northeast, you will be given the opportunity to gain your ASE certification even before you graduate. The school puts a large emphasis on quality education and hands on experience. All of this and much more creates an amazing experience for students and great opportunity for a career afterward.
  • Hudson, NY
  • Graduation Rate: 33%
  • Salary After Attending: $34,900
  • Annual Cost: $5,758
  • Debt upon Graduation: $10,831
Part of the State University of New York system, CGCC comes in as the third best automotive school in the Northeast. Programs offered range from Associates in arts, in science, in applied science, and even occupational studies. The school offers a wide range of opportunity for students to take hold of. The school puts an emphasis on creating a good community through club sports and other organizational activities for students.
  • Alfred, NY
  • Graduation Rate: 49%
  • Salary After Attending: $41,800
  • Annual Cost: $15,230
  • Debt upon Graduation: $15,000
Alfred State College of Technology is the fourth best automotive school in the Northeast for multiple reasons. The main one is its care for its students. Not only does the school teach its students extremely well, they also help them in all aspects of life. Whether it’s through career opportunities upon graduation or some of their other programs. For example, the school was recently recognized as one of the best schools for helping students cope with stress. This is very valuable and should not be overlooked in your college search!
  • Randolph, VT
  • Graduation Rate: 48%
  • Salary After Attending: $45,000
  • Annual Cost: $19,630
  • Debt upon Graduation: $16,200
Coming in at number 5 in our list of the best automotive schools in the Northeast is Vermont Technical College. Vermont Tech has committed to providing great education and training to its community in multiple ways. One that students really like is that they have kept their classes small at an average of just 14 students per class. Along with that, many of their instructors have real world experience which helps to equip students with the knowledge and expertise necessary to excel in their career.

Locations of Northeast Best Schools

1. Lancaster County Career and Technology Center

1730 Hans Herr Drive

Willow Street, PA 17584

2. Rosedale Technical College

215 Beecham Dr. #2

Pittsburgh, PA 15205

3. Columbia-Greene Community College

4400 Route 23

Hudson, NY 12534

4. SUNY College of Technology at Alfred

10 Upper College Dr.

Alfred, NY 14802

5. Vermont Technical College

124 Admin Drive

Randolph Center, VT 05061

Research Your School

Remember, don’t just take our word for it. We are not saying that just because these have been identified as the best automotive schools in the Northeast means that they are the best for you. They are a great starting point for you to dip your feet into the world of automotive trade schools! Also, you need to keep in mind that you can go to the number one rated school in the WORLD and still not learn anything. You need to take your education into your own hands. No matter what school you go to, you will need to do the work and really commit to your training in order to become the best auto mechanic you can be.

Finally, as we have said each week, we can help you find the perfect school! We have connections with schools and can even help you earn grants and scholarships. If you have any questions about certain schools or anything related to becoming an auto mechanic please let us know. Now that you have all this information, you can get started with your school search below.

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