Toyota T-TEN Program

There are Toyota Mechanic Schools all across the nation that provide the Toyota T-TEN Program. We have compiled all the information you may need in order to become a Toyota mechanic.

What is the Toyota T-TEN Program?

The Toyota T-TEN Program, Toyota’s Technician & Education Network, provides top education for students who want to become a Toyota mechanic or a Lexus mechanic. Similar to other specialization programs, the Toyota T-TEN program blends theoretical training in the classroom with practical training in the lab. On top of that, Toyota technician training is accompanied by on-the-job training in a Toyota or a Lexus dealership as an intern.

When you join a program such as the T-TEN, you not only have the mentorship of your instructor, you also have mentorship from your dealer. This helps students to really absorb all the information necessary to become a world-class auto mechanic.

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Steps and Qualifications to Become a Toyota Mechanic

Toyota Course Objectives

Here’s what you can expect to learn in the T-TEN at a Toyota mechanic school:

  • Intro to Toyota Units
  • Electrical Units
  • Toyota Portfolio
  • Auto Chassis and Brake Systems
  • Automotie Air Conditioning
  • Drivetrains
  • Engine Mechanical Systems
  • Engine Performance
  • Dealership Internship
  • Dealership Placement Assistance
  • ASE Test Preparation
  • 2 ASE Certifications

T-TEN Program Certifications

The certifications gained from the Toyota T-TEN Program are going to be about the same from school to school. This is a result of the strict program requirements that Toyota has worked out with the schools that offer their program. You will gain multiple different certifications by completing the T-TEN program. First of all, you will gain 640 hours of Toyota/Lexus dealership experience. On top of that, you will be required to complete 2 out of 8 ASE certification tests. If you complete all 8 tests you will become a Toyota Master Technician. Lastly, you will gain your Toyota Automotive Technician certification as a part of your Associate’s Degree.

Toyota T-TEN Program Qualifications

Just like other specializations, each school will have different qualifications to get into their Toyota Mechanic School as well as the T-TEN program. Below is an example of some qualifications:

  • Must be 18 years old
  • High School graduate or equivalent
  • Valid driver’s license and employable driving record
  • Obtain and maintain a dealership internship
  • Meet certain school academic requirements
  • Maintain academic standards of school
  • Pass a drug and background test for dealer internship
  • Take and pass 2 out of 8 ASE certification tests
  • Complete 640 hours of internship
  • Maintain dealership attendance standards

Toyota Mechanic Job Outlook

Auto mechanics are in high demand all across the nation. Gaining a specialization only helps market yourself and get yourself a higher paycheck. Going through the Toyota T-TEN program gives you great opportunity, Toyota actually did an independent study to find out exactly how much opportunity you’ll get. Below are their findings on job outlook for T-TEN program graduates:

Entry Level T-TEN Technicians
Average Salary: $30,000

Toyota/Lexus Master Technician
Average Salary: $85,000-$100,000+

Mid-Level T-TEN Technicians
Average Salary: $49,000-$65,000

Toyota and Lexus Dealers
Need to hire over 1,000 new technicians each year

Toyota Technician & Education Network FAQs

How much does a Toyota technician make?

The average salary for mid-level Toyota technicians is around $55,000 according to Toyota itself. This will vary based upon your location, amount of ASE certifications you earn, and other contributing factors. One of the best parts of the T-TEN program is that many dealerships will pay you while you intern for them through the program. Although it will not be a high paying job, it will be something.

How long does it take to complete the T-TEN program?

In most cases, the T-TEN is built into an Associate’s Degree. Therefore, you can expect the program to take about 2 years. This all depends on your availability to participate in the classes as well as the internship. Since you are needed to complete 640 hours of experience in a Toyota or a Lexus dealer, this could be elongated.

How do I get a Toyota or Lexus Dealer Sponsor?

Fortunately, Toyota has done most of this work for you! Toyota has partnered with community colleges and trade schools, Toyota dealerships, and Lexus dealerships to connect T-TEN students with internships during the program. If you have a dealer you know you want to work with, check with your Toyota mechanic school’s representative to see if they participate in the program.

Are there T-TEN scholarships available?

Although Toyota does not offer scholarships directly to T-TEN students, many other scholarship providers do. Your best bet as an aspiring T-TEN student is to reach out to the Toyota mechanic school you are planning to attend. Many schools offer program specific scholarships including T-TEN scholarships. Along with that, scour the web to find scholarships specific to aspiring auto mechanics such as the Future Mechanic Grant. Check out our scholarships page for more information.

What does T-TEN stand for?

T-TEN stands for Toyota’s Technician & Education Network which provides opportunities for aspiring mechanics. Their goal is to connect students with the right Toyota mechanic school and a Toyota or Lexus dealer to gain the best training possible. Once a student is trained, they do the best they can to get you placed in a Toyota or Lexus dealer to start your career.