SBN Gear-Up Girl Mechanic Networking Event

The SEMA Businesswomen's Network (SBN) holds events for aspiring female mechanics to connect with female mechanics killing it in the industry.

The Auto Industry and Women

Unfortunately, the automotive industry has not and is not always kind to women. The industry has historically been a very toxic environment for female workers and has deterred women from going into this industry. In fact, in 2018 only 9.7% of auto mechanics were women according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is very disproportionate compared to the customer base, as women make up over half of the market for vehicles and vehicle repairs.

But, there is hope. There are many women in the industry who are seeking change. On top of that there are quite a few organizations demanding change. Here we are going to focus on one with some great opportunities for women who are aspiring to be auto mechanics.

SEMA Businesswomen’s Network

SEMA is a trade association which was formed on a love for cars, trucks, and SUV’s. Many different individuals and groups make up SEMA and they all work towards the same goal, create a better, more inclusive industry. The organization works hard to keep legislation favorable for the industry as well as helping consumers fight wrongful treatment by car dealers. On top of these, SEMA puts on events for the auto lover to connect with others in the field.

SBN’S Gear-Up Girl Networking Event

The specific event coming up is for women aspiring to be auto mechanics. It is truly a unique event for the industry so if you are in the area of one of the events, it is a must-go. You can expect to meet many other like-minded women who you can go through training with. Along with that, you will meet women already killing it in the automotive industry. SEMA states that the Gear-Up Girl event will:


  • Help women aspiring to be auto mechanics find and understand what opportunities are in the industry
  • Help female students narrow down their interests to specialize within the industry or find a specific company to get connected with
  • Provide opportunities for women in the automotive industry to broaden and strengthen their network

Are You an Aspiring Mechanic?

If you are, then you have found yourself in the right spot. Just like SEMA, our goal is to create a better automotive industry. We focus on assisting aspiring mechanics with finding the funds for training and the right place to gain their training. On top of that, we provide some great resources for students already in training and those searching.

At any point in your path to becoming an auto mechanic, we can help. If you ever have any questions or need help with anything please contact us. Our sole purpose is to be here to help you!

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