Best Car Instagrams for Mechanics

Are you an aspiring or practicing mechanic looking for inspiration & entertainment? These are the best car instagrams for gear heads and their Facebooks!

What a Mechanic can Learn on Social Media

Many of you may be thinking that social media is just for fun and that you can’t get much out of it. Well, think again! Social media is not only a great place for entertainment, it can also provide users with great inspiration and industry insights. There is nothing else like having automotive industry experts at your fingertips. Through social media, experts can share their one-off thoughts and express their opinions on a whim. Allowing you the opportunity to learn and grow as a mechanic, while having a good time! Therefore, we looked at our favorites and others to compile the best car Instagrams for mechanics along with their Facebook pages. Enjoy!

The Best Car Instagrams for Mechanics


Petrolicious is an account dedicated to tasteful driving. They feature stories from unique cars to specific auto drivers and even influential car designers. As an account, they strive to create articles and videos to inspire the next generation of mechanics, drivers, and gear heads. Check them out!

Classic Car Club Manhattan

Whether you have a need for speed or you just love car culture, Classic Car Club Manhattan is a must-follow! Cars ranging from a BMW M4 GTS to restored Ford Broncos, CCC Manhattan has it all. Oh, and did we mention you can even join the club?! Check them out to “Join the club. Drive the cars. Or, just hang out.”

Collecting Cars

This account is a bit unusual as it is an automobile auction based out of the UK. Even though, Collecting Cars is one of the best Instagrams for mechanics as it can really provide inspiration for your own work. Perhaps you are restoring your own car to sell, hop over to Collecting Cars to gain ideas and insights into the auction world.

Beverly Hills Car Club

Another amazing source, especially for classic car restorers is the Beverly Hills Car Club. As another auction service, you will be able to view some awesome cars while you learn about past auto models. Beverly Hills Car Club is a must-follow if you are looking for inspiration or dreaming of what you might work on one day!


You’ve not only heard of Alfa Romeo, you dream of racing, repairing, restoring, and everything else for a classic Alfa Romeo. If that’s you, Alfaholics will be your bread and butter. Follow the account to see some of the best looking and highest performing Alfa Romeo’s on the roads!

Magnus Walker

Magnus Walker is the only individual included in our list of the best car Instagrams, and that is for a reason. Magnus Walker is one of the most influential people in the auto industry, more specifically in the Porsche community. Although, he does not solely dedicate his time to Porsche. Check him out for some awesome inspiration!


Rather than focusing on one specific community within the vast automotive world, Speedhunters claims to cover global car culture. Being around for over a decade, Speedhunters delivers as one of the leaders in auto culture. From new builds on classic cars to rallying, they have it all making them one of the best car Instagrams.

Classic Driver

Do you love the look, feel, smell, and maybe even the taste of classic cars? Well, according to Classic Driver, if you don’t, you will once you take a look at their account! Honestly, we think they may be right. Classic Driver is one of the best car Instagrams simply because they capture the heart and soul behind classic autos so well!


MotorTrend makes our list of the best car Instagrams simply because we could not live without them. They not only post great information on Instagram, they are one of the most active news sources in the automotive industry. We are on their Instagram, Facebook, and website multiple times a day. MotorTrend is essential for anyone in the auto industry!


eGarage has set itself apart from all of the competition by dedicating itself to stories in motion. Covering everything from why an individual chose a Jeep Grand Wagoneer for moving to the sticks to an 80 Indy car transformed for street driving. This is one of the best car Instagrams telling amazing stories infused with creativity!

What’s your favorite car Instagram?

Perhaps we hit on your favorite account or maybe you run your own Instagram account dedicated to autos! Either way, we want to hear about what you think are some of the best car Instagrams. Head over to our Facebook to let us know! We hope that you can learn some amazing things from these accounts and apply them to your time at a mechanic school or in your career as a mechanic. If anything surprises you or you have any questions about mechanic school or being an auto mechanic in general, contact us here!

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