Mechanic Schools in Texas

Automotive Mechanic Schools in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, that includes the automobile industry. Some of the number one traits that are looked for in a potential employee are attention to detail, good customer service, and the ability to diagnose issues. These should play a huge factor in whether or not you want to get a degree or pick it up the skills from a distant cousin that still drives his 1985 Cadillac that needs a slap on the hood to start. Some of the best schools in Texas include Universal Technical Institute, Lincoln Tech, and South Texas Vocational Technical Institute. To view all of the options for mechanic schools in Texas, check out our school directory below.

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Working as a mechanic in Texas

You are not required to hold an auto mechanic license to work as one in Texas but if you do, you stand out as a much better candidate. You also get to learn things that others can only figure out with experience such as customer service skills and learning about vehicles you may not be primarily work on – but you will have the knowledge about should it come up in future projects. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, you can make anywhere around $40,000-$65,000 a year depending on experience and qualifications, you can make much more if you do receive a degree in this field.

  • Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics
    • Total in Texas: 47,080
    • Average Hourly Wage: $20.08
    • Average Annual Salary: $41,760
  • Automotive Body and Related Repairers
    • Total in Texas: 11,020
    • Average Hourly Wage: $21.19
    • Average Annual Salary: $44,080
  • Automotive Glass Installers and Repairers
    • Total in Texas: 1,570
    • Average Hourly Wage: $17.76
    • Average Annual Salary: $36,940
  • Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists
    • Total in Texas: 26,320
    • Average Hourly Wage: $21.99
    • Average Annual Salary: $45,740