Tesla START Program

So, you want to work on EV's? Learn how to become a Tesla service technician by attending a Tesla mechanic school. Here you can find Tesla START Program locations, cost & more!

What is the Tesla START Program?

As technology advances and more major auto manufacturers switch their fleets to electric vehicles, it is clear that the future of the auto industry is electric. In order to stay relevant and secure, auto mechanics must adapt to the changing industry. One of the best ways to secure your position as an auto mechanic for the future is by gaining your Tesla service technician training. Tesla leads the industry in performance, style, and safety. Their vehicles are some of the best on the road, gas or electric.

Through the Tesla START Program, you can equip yourself for the future as an auto mechanic. This program is offered at six different Tesla mechanic schools across the nation. The START program is a 12-week course that adds onto the automotive technology programs at the partnering schools. Instead of spending weeks training on the job, Tesla has decided to add an extra course to your education. This allows students to gain more in-depth training on Tesla vehicles and jump into work your first day on the job.

Along with that, gaining your training at your Tesla mechanic school gives you the ability to hit the ground running as a Tesla mechanic. Upon graduation from the Tesla START program, you will be able to start working at one of the 58 Tesla service locations across 18 different states. Read on to learn all about Tesla service technician training.

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Steps and Qualifications to Become a Tesla Mechanic

Tesla START Program Requirements

Just like many different manufacturer specific mechanic programs, the Tesla START program demands dedicated and passionate students. Below are the actual requirements to gain admittance into the Tesla START program.

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Post-Secondary Automotive Education
  • At least 18 years old
  • Valid driver’s license with a clean driving record and 2 years of experience
  • Able to uphold the physical demands (able to lift 50-60 pounds)
  • Commit to accepting a job with Tesla upon graduation of the program
  • Sustain an 80% GPA throughout the 12-week program
  • Willing to relocate upon graduation
  • Ability to follow written and verbal instructions
  • Detail Oriented
  • Must constantly be considering a “safety first” mentality
  • Fluent understanding of the English language
  • Basic computer skills – navigating web browsers, using standard applications, Microsoft Office

Course Objectives for Tesla Service Technician Training

As the Tesla START program is an additional course to your general automotive training, the objectives are quite simple. You will learn the ins and outs of a Tesla automotive vehicle. Since this goes on top of your general automotive training, you will only focus on Tesla/Electric Vehicle mechanics. This is how the program can fit into just 12 weeks. Overall, Tesla has one main objective for all that they do, “to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy.” By becoming a Tesla mechanic, you will be able to come alongside Tesla to push this transition in the world.

Here is what you can expect to learn through the START program:

  • Skills that are unique to electric vehicles
  • Battery architecture
  • Charging technology
  • Tesla-specific repair procedures

Tesla START Program Cost

The only cost that comes with the START program is your time and the cost of your other automotive training. As far as the actual START program, there is no cost. Perhaps one of the best aspects of Tesla mechanic school is that there is no cost to you for going through it. In fact, it is the exact opposite. Tesla pays you to go through the twelve-week course. The Tesla START Program pay is $9.46 per hour, students will receive this payment as a stipend. In addition to receiving this payment, Tesla is committing to place eligible graduates at a Tesla Service Center.

Job Outlook as a Tesla Mechanic

Going through the START course sets you up in a great place for a career. As the leading electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla provides large opportunity for growth as a mechanic. This in turn, puts your education to work with good job security as an electric vehicle technician. Working for Tesla can be very rewarding from good technician pay to good benefits and even the satisfaction of accelerating society to a more sustainable transportation method. Below is what you can expect as a Tesla Service Technician.

  • Tesla Service Technician pay can range from $20/hr up to $30/hr while the typical salary adds up to around $50,000 per year
  • Tesla technicians receive a great benefits package which sometimes lacks elsewhere in the industry
  • Tesla operates worldwide while START graduates can be expected to work at one of the 58 Tesla service locations across 18 states

Tesla START Program FAQs

What is Tesla START?

Tesla START is a 12-week training course for students who desire to become Tesla certified service technicians. The program is offered at six different Tesla mechanic schools across the nation. You do not need to be enrolled at one of these schools to go through the course, anyone is welcome to apply. Students accepted into the course will be paid and upon successful completion of the course will be offered jobs at one of the 58 service locations in the US.

How do you become a Tesla technician?

Now that the Tesla START program is up and running, the best way to become a Tesla technician is to go through the course at one of the six schools that offer it. Other than that, current mechanics will need to apply to become a Tesla technician and be able to service Tesla vehicles.

What benefits do Tesla Employees get?

Tesla employees receive a full benefits package – health, dental, vision, group life, short-term disability, and long-term disability insurance. On top insurance benefits, Tesla provides employees with access to profit sharing, 401(k) plans, and defined contribution pension plans.

How much does a Tesla Mechanic make?

While going through the Tesla START Program, students will earn a stipend of $9.46 per hour. Once you have graduated and are working at a Tesla service location, you can expect to make around $25 an hour. With the growth of Tesla and of electric vehicles, getting into the EV repair industry early will be extremely beneficial for your future as an auto mechanic.

Tesla START Program So Far…

After just being started in 2018, the Tesla START program has had 172 graduates. These students have been placed in service locations from California, Colorado, Hawaii, and more. It is clear that the START Program is the best way to become an electric vehicle mechanic. Tesla has taken its time to produce their own manufacturer specific program and they have done it right. They have put time and effort into every aspect from the curriculum to the uniforms, from the colors of the walls to the tools.

Tesla is seeking high caliber students all across the nation, if you are interested you can apply here or by contacting the Tesla team at start@tesla.com.

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