Cummins Certification Training

Going to a Cummins Diesel school is for you whether you want to work on tractors, military vehicles, or energy generators. Find out how to complete Cummins certification training.

Cummins Training Info

Cummins training is a bit different than other manufacturer specializations. This is a result of many different factors. First of all, Cummins does not manufacture vehicles they manufacture engines. Second, the engines that they manufacture are used in a wide variety of vehicles. Therefore, Cummins certification training can come from attending a Cummins diesel school such as UTI or completing a Cummins technician apprentice program. 

Stick around as we look at how to get into a Cummins apprenticeship program then what a Cummins diesel school program is like and finally into FAQ’s on Cummins training. Before we get into the meat, get a glimpse into the types of vehicles you can work on if you decide to specialize on Cummins engines!

All Cummins Diesel Schools

You’ll find Cummins Certification Training at the following UTI mechanic schools: 

  • Universal Technical Institute, Avondale, AZ - View School
  • Universal Technical Institute, Exton, PA - View School
  • Universal Technical Institute, Houston, TX - View School

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Steps and Qualifications to Become a Cummins Mechanic

Training Objectives at Cummins Diesel School

At UTI’s Cummins diesel school, you will learn many different things. Most importantly, students will learn the procedures and practices used by Cummins mechanics. Cummins engines make up for 1/3 of all heavy-duty truck engines in America, therefore they have introduced an elaborate maintenance procedure to keep that fleet running smoothly. In order to fix an engine, it is necessary to have a clear diagnosis. Therefore, UTI’s Cummins certification training will teach you this skill. In fact, you will get to use the software used by Cummins mechanics all across the country through Cummins partnership with UTI.

Certifications Acquired in Cummins Training

Within this 12 week Cummins training course, students will have the opportunity to earn up to 10 mid-range and heavy-duty Cummins qualifications. This, along with the other training you will get through your general diesel training, will prepare you to work as a Cummins technician at your desired Cummins distributor or dealer. Along with that, through the partnership between Cummins and UTI, students can earn guaranteed employment prior to the start of the training at a Cummins dealer. This sets students up in a position that many struggle to get to.

UTI’s Cummins Training Qualifications

In order to qualify for the Cummins diesel school within UTI, students will need to complete a few different things.
General Admission Requirements

Students must provide one of the following:

  • High School Diploma
  • GED or equivalent
  • Previously attend Title-IV program
  • Postsecondary degree (associate’s or beyond)
  • Completion of state recognized homeschool program
Cummins Diesel School Requirements

Students must complete each of the following:

  • Graduate from UTI/NASCAR Tech or have less than 10 courses remaining in your UTI/NASCAR program
  • Have a valid Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)
  • Have no MVR convictions regarding drugs or alcohol
  • Complete a personal interview

Cummins Diesel School FAQs

Is accreditation important? Is UTI accredited?

Accreditation is important as it holds educational institutions accountable for their ability to teach through a system of comprehensive evaluations from an unbiased third-party. This evaluation is done through an established set of criteria which is used at each school that is evaluated. All UTI locations are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

Can students change sessions in which they are enrolled if their circumstances change?

According to the Universal Technical Institute, student requests to move to another session will be evaluated based on the reason for the request and class availability. Although, being enrolled in the Cummins Engine program is not part of the core curriculum. Therefore, students will have more freedom in switching courses.

How long is the Cummins training program at UTI?

Because the Cummins course is just an additional course at UTI, it only takes 12 weeks to complete. That being said, there is a large amount of training that is required to even start the Cummins program. For example, at least an associate’s degree is necessary to be admitted into the program which is at least 2 years of prior training.

Cummins Technician Apprentice Program

If going to a Cummins diesel school is not for you, the Cummins Technician Apprentice Program may be your best bet. Compared to other apprenticeships, this one will be one of the least risky options. For example, one of the largest concerns people have with being an apprentice is the competency of the master in the apprenticeship. The apprentice can only learn what the master can teach.

Therefore, if the master is not actually a master in the trade, it will not be beneficial for the apprentice. What makes the Cummins apprenticeship program stand out is that students will be paired with Cummins certified and hired technicians. In turn, this ensures that the master is qualified to even have an apprentice in the first place.

If the security and opportunities that come with the Cummins Technician Apprenticeship Program sounds amazing to you, look no further. These programs are offered all across the country and even the world. You are sure to find a program wherever you want to live and work. Cummins posts all apprenticeship openings on their website, you can find more information here.

Cummins Apprenticeship Program Requirements

In order to be considered for a Cummins Technician Apprentice Program, you will need a few different things:

  • High School Diploma or GED with one year of college
  • 2.8 GPA to meet college requirements
  • OR qualifying military veteran

Cummins Apprenticeship FAQ’s

How much does a Cummins apprentice make?

Based on information gathered by PayScale, diesel mechanics apprentices or Cummins apprentices make about $14 per hour. This will vary based on your experience and your location but that is the average. Therefore, you do have the opportunity to gain pay increases as the apprenticeship program goes on. In other words, if you start at a lower hourly wage, you can always go up!

What does an apprentice technician do?

Apprentice technicians are equipped with all the skills needed to become a fully certified auto mechanic. In the Cummins Technician Apprentice Program, you will focus in one of the following specialties; Diesel Engines, High Horsepower, Marine, Power Generation, or Service Operations. From there an apprentice can be expected to perform many different tasks a fully trained mechanic would do. The only difference is an apprentice would start off with assistance in these tasks from a trained mechanic then move to supervision and finally, in some tasks, even complete freedom.

Cummins Mechanic Job Outlook

Cummins training is a bit different than other manufacturer specializations. This is a result of many different factors. First of all, Cummins does not manufacture vehicles they manufacture engines. Second, the engines that they manufacture are used in a wide variety of vehicles. Therefore, Cummins certification training can come from attending a Cummins diesel school such as UTI or completing a Cummins technician apprentice program. 

Expected Job Growth Rate: 9%

From 2016 to 2026, the diesel technician job is expected to grow by 9% which is 2% higher than other mechanic positions. This is a result of employees loving their jobs as diesel mechanics so they stay as long as they can. Therefore, many mechanics are retiring within the next few years causing the increase in demand. A large reason technicians stay at Cummins is because of the employee benefits offered. According to current and former employees, Cummins offers substantial benefits on top of a great salary.

Average Salary of Cummins Mechanics: $47,860

Lastly, as a Cummins mechanic, you can expect to earn a salary of about $48,000 according to their GlassDoor reporting. Compared to general diesel mechanic jobs, this is quite a bit above average. Therefore, it is extremely worth it to gain your specialization. Not only for the increase in pay, but also for the great working environment. No matter what route you take to earn your Cummins Certification Training, you will be in good hands! For a complete look at the diesel technician outlook, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Where to Find Cummins at Work

Below you will find a list of all the types of vehicles that trust Cummins Engines. By gaining your Cummins certification training you’ll get to work on some of these that keep our cities and lives operating safely!

Cummins Engines

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Defense
  • Drilling
  • Euro Truck and Bus
  • Fire and Emergency
  • Fire Pump Drives
  • G-Drive Engines
  • Gas Compression
  • Heavy-Duty Truck
  • Light Commercial Vehicle
  • Marine
  • Medium-Duty Truck
  • Mining
  • Motorhome & RV
  • Pickup Truck
  • Railroad
  • Repower
  • School Bus
  • Transit Bus
  • Well Servicing

Cummins Generators

  • Cogeneration
  • Commercial Industrial
  • Commercial Mobile
  • Data Centers
  • Distributed Generation/Peaking Power
  • Greenhouse
  • High Horsepower Commercial Industrial
  • Healthcare
  • Home Standby
  • Integrated Power Systems
  • Marine
  • Military/AMMPS/GSA
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Prime Power
  • Recreational Vehicles (RV)
  • Rental Companies
  • Small Business Standby
  • Standby Power
  • Telecom
  • Water Treatment